We're Hiring! 

To help get Milan Beach up and running this summer, we need your help! If any of the positions below interest you, apply via the form at the bottom of the page. If you would like to send a resume, feel free to send a separate email to milanbeachmichigan@gmail.com. Because we value your time, we've simplified the application process to just the essentials.

Volleyball Coordinator

Milan Beach has 8 volleyball courts and we would love to have tournaments and games managed by a professional. We are looking to hire someone who can manage games, set up matches, and network with local sports leagues to drum up business. Pay is flexible and a share of business profits is an option. 

Park Staff

Milan Beach requires a full staff to run smoothly and help is needed checking members in, selling concessions, and generally making sure all of the guests are having a good time. This is a flexible position which may involve doing odd jobs around the park as the need arises. 

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