Frequently Asked Questions

Didn't this beach close due to e. coli...?

No, relax! Back in 2000, "Blossom Heath Park" on the shore of Lake St. Clair closed due to E. Coli. A lot of the media misreported the name as "Heath Park" or "Heath Beach" which was the original name for our beach, since 1962. This unfortunate mixup hurt our business so badly that we had to shut down briefly in 2001.

We have never had any contamination or water quality problems in half a century of operation. Our lake is naturally spring-fed, ensuring clean water is constantly circulating into the lake.

What should I bring?

Well, we can provide the lake, the sunshine (most days), and the sand. We'll also provide snacks, drinks, and ice for a reasonable price.

You should bring normal beach stuff (blankets, umbrellas, coolers, charcoal and lighter fluid, floats, etc.) You might also want to bring a volleyball, a frisbee, or other outdoor toys. Guests are welcome to bring their own beer and drinks, but please enjoy responsibly!

Bring picnic baskets and food, we have plenty of picnic tables and grills for you to use. Eating out is expensive, have a picnic with your family by the water here at Milan Beach instead!

Is there anything I can't bring?

We don't allow glass, kegs, or pets (sorry!). Our goal is to make sure all guests have a safe, fun time. Check out the full rules page for a more complete list.